The culture and polity that is Fairfax?

Richard “Scott” Silverthorne, the mayor of the City of Fairfax, has been arrested after he allegedly gave methamphetamine to an undercover detective in exchange for a sexual encounter, Fairfax County police say.

Story here.  It is nonetheless a wonderful place to work and live!

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Only in America...

The story behind Toronto mayor Rob Ford differs but it's still amazing who can get elected...

Or reelected, by the way.
I had forgotten Rob Ford (well, technically, I guess Canada is part of the American Continent and anyway being the 51th state and all that...). Sex,
drugs, emails, Trumps... It seems American politicians are out of control.

They don't appear to have extorted his co-operation. As of now, it does not appear analogous to the deLorean case either, where law enforcement keep inveigling the target after he's turned them down.

Double coincidence of wants


(Single golf clap)

'I know what meth looks like, and that is not meth' - the sort of juror the mayor can only dream of having in his jury.

Man's had a difficult year which is about to get more difficult.

He appears to be a bachelor, so at least there's no wife to hit him with divorce papers on top of the criminal case and his bankruptcy filings. I do wonder why he was living in a 5 bedroom house (which he lost to foreclosure after he was laid off from work) if it's just him.

You seem to know a lot about the City of Fairfax. From what I remember, it was a tiny town, possibly the smallest incorporated town in Virginia if not the USA, with its own tiny fire, police, and municipal services. Too Small To Not-Fail.

It's a suburban enclave with a population of about 23,000, not what is meant by a tiny town. His legal troubles have been in the newspapers quite a bit. I do have family there, but they haven't mentioned him in their table talk.

'It’s a suburban enclave with a population of about 23,000, not what is meant by a tiny town.'

Well, considering that Fairfax City is surrounded by Fairfax County, population over 1 million, it is a tiny town in any number of relevant ways.

And yes, I remember when there was a feed store off Rt. 236 in 'downtown' Fairfax City. However, it is also true that things like the Fairfax courthouse complex and Massey Building (county buildings, not city ones) tended to give 'downtown' Fairfax City a different feel than one would otherwise assume.

Oops - not Rt. 236, it was off Main Street (trick correction - Rt. 236 and Main Street are the same road in Fairfax City. More or less, depending on one's perspective and memories.)

I gather you like to hear yourself talk.

Sure- but then, as someone who actually grew up near Fairfax City, I love correcting people who don't actually know what they are talking about. Which also explains why this web site is so attractive.

All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.
-Blaise Pascal

True, but also a reason to #OptOutside

Ergo tedium is joy.

Any place where you can trade meth for sex, I'd call "wonderful".

Maybe you'd like to hear about my new cryptopharmacocurrency. I call it MethCoin.

An incident such as this might or might not tell us something about the culture and polity of Fairfax. What I think will tell us something is how Fairfax reacts to this.

No offense, and Prof. Cowen did it too, but Fairfax and Fairfax City are not the same thing, speaking as someone who grew up there. In the past, for us (the us here being the people living in places like Mantua, Somerset, Twinbrooke and going to schools like Little Run Elementary or W.T. Woodson) Fairfax always meant the county, while Fairfax City was used to describe that particular locality.

Much the same way that people who grow up in the DC metro area use 'Washington' when describing the District of Columbia, and refer to 'Washington State' when talking about that Washington.

Much the same way we in the northwest say Washington, and wonder what's in the water at D.C.

"Nonetheless" -- or "therefore"?

Both and more.

GMU hiring this year?

Uptightus Americanus strikes again. Can't deal with legalized prostitution due to the coalition of Feminist groups and hypocritical bible thumpers despite the ridiculously pent up demand for it. Wonder why these are non-stories in Europe.

FKK Sharks in Darmstadt is heaven on Earth for men, at least that's what I heard about it in my Army days while stationed in Germany.

Just sayin' for you richer guys who don't want to get in trouble or go through the trouble of some shady public bathroom stunt. Call it a business trip.

despite the ridiculously pent up demand for it.

You're projecting, Mr. Strokebook.

Is he? He's right about the coalition of feminists and right-wingers. They've even converged on the same anti-prostitution rhetoric to justify depriving adults of the freedom to trade goods/money for sex and vice versa (i.e hysteria about "sex trafficking").

The political pressure to scrap prohibitions on prosecution is as we speak nil. There is no need for a 'coalition of feminists and right wingers' because the creepy guys who are the clientele of prostitutes are not engaged with civic life and most of them one suspects retain enough embarrassment not to organize in any case.

From this posting and reading the original story and not doing any web searches, I have to assume that the guy is a Democrat. If he was a Republican, or could be tied in any way shape or form to the GOP or even better Trump, it would be in the first paragraph of the story and this posting.

Well, you're right. If he were from the party of crushing gay rights and tighter drug control laws, that would have been ironic/hypocritical, and newsworthy.

Because of course, he is a Democrat so dealing meth is perfectly OK...No problemo...

But him being a Democrat isn't the story. You get that, right?

The story says he was the former director of recruitment for the National Association of Manufacturers.

It also says that they fired him.

Democrats are behind the FDA which is the root of all evil.

Things like this could have been avoided if he just order the cops in his town never to enforce drug/sex laws, supervised them closely, and fired them all if they disobeyed. That said, it would have been smarter if he had gotten to know that other guy first. Once you have known them longer than Lawrence knew Garner, it is constitutionally protected as far as money for sex.

I tend to agree. This is really about the FDA (and it's mind blowing lack of jurisdiction over schedule I drugs) and sodomy.

Fairfax City has a council-manager charter. The police chief does not work for the mayor. Nor is it the business of municipal executives to tell police officers and civil inspectors to not enforce state law.

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