My favorite things Delaware

I am in Delaware only briefly.  I have not covered the state before, so here are some of my picks:

1. Chemicals manufacturer: I think that one has to go to the Duponts, I enjoyed the Gerard Zilg biography of the Dupont family and history.

2. Economic historian: Alfred Chandler.

3. Monetarist who studied policy instruments and uncertainty: William Poole.

4. Semi-libertarian journalist: Dave Weigel.

Hmm…music?  I don’t like George Thorogood.  A quality novelist?  How about a painter or sculptor?  Some big time NBA star?  Biden is my favorite of Obama’s VPs.  It is claimed that the movie Fight Club is set in Delaware.  So many special dishes too, in the local cuisine.

The bottom line: Small wonder it is!


Wayne's World Delaware scene.

This is the first thing I think of when I hear "Delaware."

What about the law? There are many good things to say about Delaware when you go down that path.

KAOS was a Delaware corporation.

Beach Boys = good, George Thorougood = bad. Beatles = mediocre 50's group. BB King = dead black man. Bach = dead white man.
I'm getting a better sense of Tyler's musical judgement.

IQ researcher: Linda Gottfredson

How can you not like George Thorogood? Again, Tyler shows his invincible dorkitude, a 'I've been to one party in my life and it was loud and I left to go back to reading in my study carrel' attitude - I admire Tyler's catholic assaying sensibility and intellect but when it comes to the bacchanalia that is fleshitude life we must take Tyler with a dose of aspergian salts...

You have no friends but Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker it seems my fiend...

The song is all about alienation and preferring to be alone, so I'm quite surprised it doesn't appeal to our resident genius...

But Tyler is way cool about many things. We all have our limitations. I couldn't suck academic cock to become a professor, it just wasn't in me to baste the fundaments required to win the ivory tower perch, although I'm sure I would have enjoyed tenure...

Clifford Brown and Matthew Shipp are from Wilmington, so that's not a bad record in jazz for a small state.

"I Remember Clifford" :(

River: Delaware River

I don't know the location of George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River (was it in Delaware or Pennsylvania?), but it's a great historic episode of Patriots with their backs against the wall (river) and pulling off an inspirational victory. David Hakett Fisher's book on this is great.

It was in PA, north of Philadelphia.

It was from PA to Trenton. What, you never heard of the Battle of Trenton? Sheesh. It was well north of the state of Delaware and had nothing to do with that state.

I'm an Aussie, so my knowledge of US state boundaries is not as good as yours sorry!

They weren't Patriots, they were traitors to the British crown.

You might be surprised to know the name of the place where the crossing took place is called...Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania.

That's how he picked it

In Delaware when I was younger
I would live the life obscene
In the Spring I had great hunger.
I was Brando. I was Dean
Blaspheming, booted, blue-jeaned baby boy
Oh how I made them turn their heads
The townie, brownie girls, they jumped for joy
And begged me bless them in their beds

Loudon Wainwright

Elena Delle Donne is from Delaware and has been an MVP in the WNBA. Betnijah Laney, also in the WNBA, is from Delaware. Tom Verlaine and Billy Ficca of Television are from Delaware. Bob Marley lived in Wilmington for a while with his mom, and worked at the General Motors plant. There have been 5 players born in DE who each played more than 100 games in the NBA/ABA, but no current players. Walt Hazard played in 724 games.


A recent biography of Marley, reviewed in The New Yorker, credits Marley's brief exposure to the industrial world in Delaware with leading him to make more commercial music than compatriots like Peter Tosh, and thus helped him monetize his talent.

Tax free shopping :), unsurprisingly, not tax free.

Delaware draws a lot of shoppers from adjacent counties in Pennsylvania and Maryland. It is tax free for them.

Howard Pyle
multi-touch technology
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Bob Marley was a lab assistant at Dupont

Marley worked in an auto plant

Being a Delawarean, my favorite facts are:
1. Delaware has a 17 to 1 chicken to person ratio
2. Delaware has s tremendous abolitionist history (Wilmington has a significant underground rr hub.. see Thomas Garrett), and slave importation was outlawed in Delaware by 1776, though the practice still persisted in pockets of the state after that.
3. University of Delaware is one of just two universities in the U.S. that has a National Wild and Scenic River flowing though campus.
4. Chris Christie served as UD student govt president in the 80s... apparently he tried to close down the beautiful green on campus for personal sunning....

What? You don't mention Rehoboth Beach?

Delaware is also an excellent locale for examining migratory birds and shore birds. It used to be that DE was an important source for silicon for chip wafers but those quarries may have long been exhausted or industry needs shifted.

I've seen people arguing on the internet about the origin of the state's name. Is this a distinctive feature of the state?,_3rd_Baron_De_La_Warr

Yeah, that's what they were arguing about. But to the point: does the origin of any other state's name lead to argument?

the origin of the demonym in Indiana - Hoosiers - leads to argument.

Rehoboth Beach is the best of the beach resorts.

Delaware is the corporation capital of America: every major American corporation is incorporated in Delaware. Why? Delaware corporate law is very corporation (i.e., management) friendly. Management would argue that Delaware corporate law is superior, as are the Delaware judges who interpret and apply it, promoting order and stability rather than disruption.

+1, the opiate of the Corporate classes.

+1 for Dave Weigel.

True as far as it goes, sort of.

Much more important is the network effect that makes the case law robust. There's established precedent for everything in corporate law there, due to the history of having so many corps legally based there.

Aren't you a lawyer ? Jfc

Have you established a tax haven yet? Delaware is known for simplifying the process.

Sculptor : Charles Parks
Pizza: Grotto's
Hoagie: Capriotti's
Delaware has a strong history of developing Olympic ice skaters at UD and Skating Club of Wilmington.

Joe Biden is my favorite one of Obama's VPs, too. Also, he's my least favorite. On second thought, isn't Joe Biden kind of average for an Obama vice president?

Bethany Beach is pretty nice - and you never know who you might just happen to meet there.

Why would a Journ-O-List like Weigel be anyone's favorite anything? The man's a cheesy poseur.

I have found his work easy to read but yes, the Journolist incident revealed something unsavory about Weigel's character. Said he was a libertarian to work at Reason, then said he was a conservative in order to get a job at the Washington Post specifically reserved for conservatives. Then he rubbishes conservatives in private and his Twitter feed suggests he's candidly a big booster of expanding the state.

It's a odd place: 52% Philadelphia suburb, 48% Southern-lite.

Surely everyone has a favourite Delaware incorporated legal entity?

I lived in Wilmington for a few years circa 2008 in between San Diego and the SF Bay Area (Peninsula).

It turns out to be a really, really, nice place to live. Traffic isn't bad, you don't have drive all over to shop, the winters aren't too cold, and the summers aren't too hot, the airport is only 20-25 minutes away, Philadelphia has lots of good stuff to do, there are nice places to go (e.g. Chesapeake City, MD) for day trips and there is easy access to things further afield - NYC and DC are an easy train ride away.

Great license plate design. I'm not sure where I'd rank it, but it's definitely in the top quarter of the states.

Careful, I heard something about an iceberg recently.

As a Delaware native, nice try. Huge fail, but you tried. See me if you want a real article on Delaware, from history to happenings, from culture to curiosities I've lived it. As a writer and YT personality I can promise actual content. Peace

I only recently found out how 1 and 2 are connected. Somewhat colours my perception of Chandler's work

TC: "I enjoyed the Gerard Zilg biography of the Dupont family and history."

Strange book. Apparently the print publication was suppressed by the Dupont family in the 1970s and litigated (See comment below* from Amazon) and recently, after more than 40 years, it was republished by another author (!?) as a Kindle ebook: "Du Pont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain (Forbidden Bookshelf) by Gerard Colby". Strange. The book itself is interesting but verbose and polemical it seems. - RL

* The Zilg v. Prentice Hall decision is included in a first-year law textbook on contracts (Contracts by Farnsworth, Young, Sanger). The Appellate court (2nd Circuit) only let Zilg win in part: he was awarded damages because P-H printed less copies when Fortune Book Club cut back its sales of the book, and this was not warranted because the book club printed its own copies. Zilg was not awarded damages for P-H's failure to use best efforts in selling the book. The appellate court decision characterizes the book as having a Marxist bent and being spiteful. P-H at one point remarketed it as polemical.

Oh, bonus trivia: we just sold our block of DD (Dupont) stock--all $100k of it--since we did not like the proposed merger with Dow Chemical, which is being mucked up by the EU (they want the merger to divest certain companies). That and DD emphasizes too much corn pesticides and not enough soybean and GMO products. Ah, to be in the 1%...

Damning with faint praise ...

Tyler's post is a textbook definition of damning with faint praise.

Delaware is much better when judged as a nearby Philly suburb with good beaches, decent cultural institutions (DuPont money), and some nice small towns than when judged as a separate state.

"Best Semi-libertarian journalist" is a dead giveaway.

You omitted your favorite commenter from Delaware

NFL Hall of Fame defensive tackle Randy White is the most famous professional athlete from Delaware. Dallas Green who managed the Phillies to the 1980 World Series championship is probably the most accomplished MLB figure. Delle Donne is the highest profile Pro basketball player.

If you're looking for a musician Loudon Wainwright III went to, and graduated from, the St Andrews Academy.

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