Cross-Mediterranean migration to Europe is falling

Fewer successes, more deaths:

Between 2015 and 2017, according to United Nations data analyzed by The Washington Post, about 95 percent of migrants taking the so-called central Mediterranean route ended up on this continent’s shores.

Last month, however, the success rate was 45 percent — the lowest of any month in at least four years. A large proportion of migrants were intercepted and returned to North Africa. But deaths have spiked. According to the International Organization for Migration, 564 people died in June — or more than 7 percent of those who attempted the crossing. That is the highest percentage in any month since at least 2015. For the year, 3.4 percent have died attempting the journey, compared with 2.1 percent last year.

“Outsourcing” seems to be a major reason for this change:

Many migrants don’t make it to Europe because they don’t make it past the fleet of Libyan patrol vessels. The coast guard, rebuilt with E.U. and Italian funding, has become the most important player in the Mediterranean. Though the unit has been patrolling its coastal waters for more than a year and a half, data suggests it is becoming far more proficient at its job: intercepting migrants, placing them in detention on Libyan shores and keeping them from Europe.

In 2017, the Libyan coast guard managed to catch about 1 in 9 migrants attempting the journey. This year, it is intercepting almost 2 in 5. In June, it intercepted 47 percent.

Here is the full WaPo story by Chico Harlan.


'“Outsourcing” seems to be a major reason for this change'

And to think that Gaddafi did it for free, without any need to 'outsource' at all.

'has become the most important player in the Mediterranean'

For refugees attempting to stage through Libya, that is.

(One can assume that this was a queued post - mission control may still be working out the moon shot bugs.)

Now Europe needs to throw out/deport the invaders. They should have treated it like an invasion from the very beginning. Met them at the border with guns and turned them back.

You know, there actually were German politicians willing to advocate gunning down women and children at the German border.

'Alternative for Germany (AfD) leader Frauke Petry triggered outrage last week by suggesting police should have the right to shoot illegal migrants at the border "if necessary."

The idea was echoed by her deputy Beatrix von Storch. When she was asked on her Facebook page on Saturday whether German border guards should use weapons against illegal female refugees with children, she answered with a clear "yes."

But in the face of outrage across the political spectrum she decided to water down her comments:

"The use of firearms against children is not permitted," von Storch said, before adding that "women are a different matter."

"The use of weapons against them can therefore be permitted," she wrote "within the narrow legal framework."'

It may not come as a surprise to learn that Petry grew up in East Germany, where shooting people crossing borders was routine.

And strangely, the those representing the German police were appalled and disgusted at the idea that German police would shoot unarmed women and children - that is the sort of thing that East German border guards did with apparent gusto, not West German law enforcement officers.

You really don't see the distinction?

You really don't see the brutality?

LOL at the idea that MENA migrants aren't 70+% fighting age men.

So gun down every man of a certain age just in case?

Works just fine for Israel.

So he really doesn't see the difference.

If you shot anyone who climbed or broke through the fence they would stop climbing and breaking through the fence. Problem solved. If you try to fix it and be "nice" they will run roughshod over you and the problem gets worse. Which choice is wiser?

If they were a bunch of ladyboys, I wouldn't mind. But since they are a bunch of heteros, forget about it.

Still no deportations. Incredible and illegal.

Except when there are deportations - '"Fundamentally it's clear. Anyone who has lost their asylum status has to leave. We say that unambiguously to all of those affected," Herrmann told CNN.
"Previously, we only repatriated Afghan refugees that had been rejected at a federal level i.e. those who had committed a crime, had links to terror or refused to prove their identity. Now, we have received approval from Berlin that others can also be deported."
"So in the days ahead we will see larger scale deportations to Afghanistan taking place," Herrmann said. "Other federal states that do not deport to Afghanistan -- we consider that to be wrong."'

If there is simple will, immigration limits can be enforced. That shoots down the common argument that enforcing limits of barriers is impossible.

Also, WaPo notes that while Macron loudly lectures Italy about the evils of not accepting migrants, France aggressively closed their border to African migrants from Italy or the Mediterranean. Austria, and Switzerland also aggressively block migrants from exiting Italy, leaving large numbers of migrants trapped in Italy. And of course, Germany, also loudly lectures Italy on the evils of not accepting migrants, but they sure aren't lecturing Austria and Switzerland about stopping those migrants from leaving Italy and reaching German borders.

Noah Smith stressed that Japan is very open and welcoming of immigrants, and actually wants more immigrants. If he's telling anything close to the truth, there's a simple solution: no more illegal dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean, give African migrants safe legal passage to Japan that is supposedly eager to welcome large numbers of them.

Macron‘s strategy seems very modern: he says pious things, to please one constituency, and acts the opposite way, so as not to anger another. (This has alao been the standard position on climate change for at least a decade.)

Now I am banging on about Australia but that was also how John Howard managed a decade of ever-higher immigration and ever-lower anti-immigrant sentiment: by talking a big game (and in fairness being reasonably robust on enforcement) whilst expanding the skilled, temporary and family immigration programs substantially.

"Noah Smith stressed that Japan is very open and welcoming of immigrants, and actually wants more immigrants."

I really do not understand this: where does Noah visit in Japan that is "open and welcoming of immigrants"? Roppongi? Kyoto University? Takeshita-dori? This makes me think Noah only interacts with Japanese academics and the Tokyo hipster set that go to festivals in Yoyogi Park and coffeeshops in Shimokitazawa. I lived in Japan for two years, and spent six months in the countryside, the average Japanese person is extremely xenophobic, albeit in a polite way, and is utterly uninterested in immigrants beyond a few token European or American students or businessmen (ideally young, and ideally with a good fashion sense) to practice English with and to be their foreign friend.

Either that, or Noah is so oblivious to Japanese cultural norms such that he can't read the air and realize that when Japanese people speak positively of foreigners, it is only conditional (the conditions being that they remain tiny in number and that they will never actually be Japanese) and that they are simply being polite: people don't go on Trump-esque tirades, but they do harbor those attitudes.

When I look at a picture of Noah Smith, my first thought is that he would fit in perfectly with a bunch of empty suits that were promoted for being tall.

Read Noah Smith on Japan's openness to immigration and diversity for yourself here:

Many other mainstream sites give far more believable accounts of immigration to Japan. Google it and read the top coverage and it's completely different than the picture that Noah Smith is portraying. I believe Noah Smith is twisting the truth for ideological reasons to undermine arguments made by immigration restrictionists in the US and Europe.

Tyler Cowen links Noah Smith as an immigration authority, including on Japan, which I also think shows Tyler Cowen's ideological slant.

I just don't get it. Yes, there are many visibly foreign people in places like Shibuya and Shinjuku, but the large majority of those are tourists or students. There are a lot of Indian restaurants in Tokyo, and in some of the other big cities like Kyoto and Nagoya, and they are staffed by Indian, Pakistani, or Nepalese people. And I won't doubt that the number of foreigners in Tokyo has increased; the first time I went was 2007, the last time I went was last summer, and I did notice more foreigners in places like Asakusa and Akihabara than previous visits and stays. But that's all these people are: tourists, students, and English teachers (and for the last of these, 90-95% of them will return home after 2 years). And even then, in the "foreigner-dense" areas, they are outnumbered at least 20:1, probably more, by Japanese people. International air travel has gotten a lot cheaper over the past 15 years, and incomes have risen in a number of countries (like China) where people previously couldn't have afforded a plane ticket can now visit Japan. This does not in any way, though, mean that Japan is suddenly throwing open its doors to anyone seeking to migrate permanently, and certainly isn't "becoming multicultural". Noah says he's been visiting Japan almost every year since 2001; where does he go and who does he talk to that he gets these wildly out of touch impressions?

Scott Sumner, another of Tyler's favorites, comments on Japan and Japanese culture in a similarly wildly off-base manner; I recall he stated that women-only train/subway cars, which have been around for well over a decade, were a product of #metoo. Is there something about being a prestigious economist that makes you utterly unable to interpret and analyze foreign cultures, particularly non-Western ones?

The first women only train car I saw was in 1998, but I don't think Sumner should have known they were not connected with #me too.

Scott Sumner is the intellectual equivalent of a Cleveland steamer.

"Is there something about being a prestigious economist that makes you utterly unable to interpret and analyze foreign cultures, particularly non-Western ones?"

It seems you too are guilty of this. You clearly don't know a damn thing about Japan.

Do you respect Howard Stern's penis?

"I recall he (Scott Sumner) stated that women-only train/subway cars, which have been around for well over a decade, were a product of #Metoo." Are you kidding? Surely nobody could be that clueless.

Nobody should listen to Noah Smith regarding immigration to Japan. He has a disturbing fanatical commitment to Japan ceasing to be a homogeneous society. He grasps at any straws he can to convince himself that Japan is becoming multicultural.

It's OK! They are not plastic straws.

OK that was funny.

I read Noah Smith as primarily emotionally invested in fighting against immigration restrictionists in the US and Europe. His writing on Japan is really aimed against them, rather than elucidating the actual situation in Japan.

Outsourcing is also a key plank of how Australia controls immigration. It is not the sole means as government policies also influence it, but the cooperation of the Indonesians makes an enormous difference.

Turning away brown people...a job for other brown people?

What happens when one of them uses a plastic straw?

Ask your wife, Dick. She loves straws more than she loves your D.

Plastic straws have the length and girth that Dick lacks.

I'd like to see a historical map of migration. It would show people migrating here, there, and everywhere. i can imagine native people in the East, in Africa, in America, in Australia, upon observing more migrating white people, expressing the sentiment: "Not more of those people!" We make the mistake of assuming that what is today always was and always will be. No it wasn't, and no it won't. I have a friend who came to America from Romania. So he's Romanian, right? His family migrated from Italy to the area that is now Romania in search of a better life. He's Italian, right? If nothing else, the Spit Diva is informing us that we aren't who we think we are, which can be unsettling. [The founder of 23andme is sometimes referred to as the Spit Diva. Her unlikely migration was from the spouse of one of the founders of Google to Spit Diva.]

"I can imagine native people ... in America, in Australia, upon observing more migrating white people, expressing the sentiment: "Not more of those people!"

Yeah, open borders was a disaster for the American and Austrailian natives.

Oh no, the mighty rayward has shown it's impossible to say anything with certainty! We are defeated ... Open the borders!

Libyan coast guard got more EU money so they turn away 50%, but the other 50% pays a heftier bribe and they get through. Immigration is a joke in the EU.

Bonus trivia: when I was desperate for a woman--and I'm handsome and in the 1% in net worth--I asked a West African in Athens, Greece to find me a girl from his village, but not a scammer. A week later, I saw him in the street, asked what happened, and he says he asked, but all the honest girls were taken. An honest African, or did he think I was an undercover cop trying to entrap him (he was in the country on an asylum visa)? I think he was being honest. Later in the Philippines however I had no problem finding a mate.

If you want to put an econ twist to my bonus trivia story you could add hashtag: #Market4Lemons

Bonus trivia: you’re a fucking idiot.

Mexico has the same err...... *efficiency rate* returning people from Central America. The other half is deported from the USofA.

And they just toss the kids overboard. Problem solved

Meanwhile, President Temer has officially invokd Brazil's internationalist duty and refused to close the Border with Venezuela. Brazil is fedding, housing and provinging health to dozens of thousands of Venezuelans fleeing Castillian caudilism. At the end of the day, there are two kinds of narions: those who care about human beings and those who just care about the bottom line.

"Castilian caudilism" - You incorrectly spelled "socialism."

Argentians had the perfect American puppet regime under Menén.Larry Summer praised it lavishly while bashing Brazil. Well, it failed badly. Now, Argentina has again a perfect American puppet government and as a reward it had to be recued by the IMF. I wonder why the voodoo economics do not work its magic on Castillians. Maybe nations are real after all. Argentians will always be Argentinians.

>thousands of Venezuelans fleeing Castillian caudilism.

What a strange way to avoid using the word "socialism."

As for Tyler, it's nice to see him digging up examples of nations actually enforcing their border without using words like "hate" and "anti-immigrant" and "racist." Do you think he's waking up?

Ha! I jest. After all, it's ok when OTHER countries do it!

It is funny how "Socialism" and the fascist rwaction to it keep happening to Spaniards, Argentinians, Venezuelans, Chileans. Maybe Lenin's sealed train took a detour...

Haven't Central and South America always lurched between crude fascism and incompetent bolshevism? The Spaniards and Portugese should have brought their wives.

What about Spain's Socialist Republic and Franco?Let us be blunt: they are savages!!

Haven't Central and South America always lurched between crude fascism and incompetent bolshevism?

The closest thing to fascism might have been the early years of certain consequential political parties (MLN in Guatemala, ARENA in El Salvador, MNR in Bolivia, Other than the Castro regime, the closest thing to Bolshevism might be the original Peronist, praetorian-peronist, and neo-peronist regimes (and you've only seen those in about a half-dozen countries). Political economy in Latin America tends to be messy-mercantilist. The modal regime type has been constitutional the last 30 years. Before that, you had alternation between constitutional and military regimes, with a few caudillos thrown in. Before that, you had a jumble of constitutional regimes (with low levels of mobilization), caudillos, jostling patron-client networks &c.

The governor of the bordering state just sued the Brazilian government to close the border, complaining that the federal government has provided inadequate support. The NYT has reported that Venezuelan prostitutes are now commonplace, and that local residents recently burned a line of shrubs in a local plaza that homeless Venezuelan refugees had been using as a place to defecate.

President Temer has made it clear the border will never be closed.

Temer is a crony capitalist and a child molester. Just like you.

In the same way you cannot use "Han" as a way to say "Chinese" while sounding more cultured and less racist, you cannot use "Castillian" for "hispanic" or "latino", it just doesn't work.
I still remember fondly the good laughs I had every time people on this forum referred to Lee Kuan Yew and the Singaporean Chinese as Han.

Old Yew himself got quite a chuckle over the idea that you can grow an economy with "fruitpickers."

Latinos are a wider class than Hispanics. Brazilians are Latinos, but we are not Hispanics. There isno good reason to use the words as if they meant the same thing. The Castillian aggressor is the problem.

"I still remember fondly the good laughs I had every time people on this forum referred to Lee Kuan Yew and the Singaporean Chinese as Han."

LKY and Singaporeans are not Han Chinese??

Forget Singapore, head to Thailand. Gonna pick me up a few ladyboys for me and the crew.

Having destroyed the Libyan government, the Europeans now find it necessary to rebuild it.

What is the optimal percentage that Lybians must let through to extract the largest amount of money over time from the EU? Solve the equilibrium.

"Noah Smith stressed that Japan is very open and welcoming of immigrants, and actually wants more immigrants. If he's telling anything close to the truth, there's a simple solution: ..."
Smith: "Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's administration has made one very good step, which is to introduce a Canada-style points-based system for skilled immigrants. That’s good, because skilled workers tend to have an easier time integrating into local cultures, and are less likely to be blamed if wages fall for the working class."

I disagree with Smith when he says how open Japan is to immigration in several op-ed pieces. Last year, almost 20,000 non-Japanese applied for asylum but only 20 were accepted. When the point system was introduced in 2012 to attract highly skilled workers, the bar was set so high that a low percentage who applied were accepted, although the point system was refined last year to allow more highly skilled workers to obtain permanent residence status more quickly than before.

There is still a *lot* of rejection of foreigners who want to rent an apartment by landlords who are free to discrimnate

P.S. Small point: The point system was introuced before Abe was PM for the second time in late 2012.

Nice post Todd K. PS--for a couple of good laughs check out Shinzo Abe's maternal grandfather, Nobusuke, Kishi. A real pioneer of Asian thought on many levels!

Can I shit in your mouth?

Sure there's still lots of discrimination in Japan, but it's trending down. Is this a blip? Who knows, but Japan has changed tremendously in the past 20 years and I wouldn't be surprised if in another 20 it looked a lot different.

"...I wouldn't be surprised if in another 20 it looked a lot different."

Yes, with so many NSR robots on the streets. (Just kidding. They'll probably be Toyota robots.)

yeah... Mark Bahner beat me to it. I've thought since 2004 that by the mid 2030s computer power and thereby virtual reality wil be so powerful that what can be considered Japanese culture will have become much more of a world culture.

I first spent three years in Japan in the early 1990s then a year in 1997/1998 and then another decade+ until 2013 and there have been major change in attitudes towards homosexuality with 51% now finding it acceptable with 88% of 18 to 29 year olds having no problem with it. There has been a sea change with respect to mental health as well over the past 20 years. I think there has been some change in foreigners being able to rent but not as much as the first two.

"If he's telling anything close to the truth, ..."

Translation: he's not.

In breaking news from sixty years ago, American and South Vietnamese are killing 5 Viet Cong for every 1 allied soldier killed and the war should be won in a few years.

did you talk to the girls about taking biology next semester?

Whenever I visit this blog, I always have a lingering sense that I am the subject of an experiment.

And how does that make you feel?

The mice eat the cheese, don't they?

Do they respect Howard Stern’s penis?

This new no/yes comments policy is very confusing.

3 Tyler's post without comments, one with comments, 3 without, etc.
That seems to be the pattern so far.

By the way, the daily assorted links posts lose most of their value for me
without the comments : I used the comments to choose what link to follow.

This was an answer to Rich Berger.

The MR troll (who generally posts under other peoples names) hits the daily assorted links pretty consistently. Often with vulgarity and spite. I suspect that's the reason those comments are turned off.

Cowen / Tabarrok want to limit the franchise to abuse their commenters to the interns they hired.

Sounds about right to a Cuck like me!

Do you respect Howard Stern’s penis?

They didn’t hire any interns, they’re indentured servant graduate students. If Tyler actually had to pay them, he couldn’t afford to stuff his fat face with virtue-signaling ethnic food.

There’s not just one “MR troll”, there are many. Wherever there is pretentiousness begging to be punctured, we will be there. In that regard, this site is like a pile of shit to flies. You’re welcome.

Tyler is about to realize that people only come here for the comments. That will make him sad, so he will fight it for awhile and leave them off.

But soon -- very certainly before Election Day -- he is going to come up with a reason to turn them back on. And that reason will certainly NOT be related to his 80% drop in pageviews since he turned them off, nor the $31 per month in revenue he has lost during that time.

See ya in October boys,

I don't trust any site (or posting) without comments.
If comments are gone here then so am I

Not being able to comment makes MR 80% less interesting.

This thread may grow to 1000 comments

Did you know I can suck my own cock?

Au contraire! I would expect nothing less!

Hey Transgender Pants, if Tyler shuts you up and gets you to leave then it will all be worth it.

Did Tyler shit in your mouth?

I heard a doctor from Lampedusa Italy (an intercept island) describe how the boats being used for the crossing have changed this year, becoming much smaller/cheaper to better avoid detection by authorities, which has raised the risks associated with the crossing.

The libertarian blog that has banned comments, eh? Toodle pip, chaps.

Freedom of speech is now against the rules of libertarian blogs. In Trump's America, liberty has become a crime.

I gave Ivanka a Hot Carl.

So, here is an actual description of this web site's comment policy - 'In response to a few inquiries, here is a reminder about our comments policy. Having "comments on" is neither a default nor a right for the reader. Usually the quality of the comments is excellent; I read them with learning and real joy. But some topics attract, or have attracted, poorly thought out or overly emotional comments. Some topics fall into very predictable debates. In other cases previous comments already have attracted significant and noteworthy discussion. Paul Krugman, free will, religion, Iraq, and yes immigration are a few examples of these tendencies. Once low-quality comments get started, they tend to feed upon themselves, sometimes for days at a time. We know that good comments attract readers to this blog, so we wish to maximize the average quality of comments. Sometimes this means no comments, but that is in the interests of good debate, stochastically speaking and properly construed over time.

Don’t overanalyze this. Other times comments are turned off simply because neither of us is available to monitor for spam. There is also something to be said for randomization per se. We also do not favor off-topic comments, which tend to be deleted. "Comments off" is not an attempt to stifle debate; there are thousands and indeed millions of other outlets for your views and that is debate too. '

What to guess how recent that is?

And just 1 more comment, plus an order of magnitude, to reach 1000 comments.

+1, now it's 100 comments. Nice knowing you Prior. I'm off to SeekingAlpha, where comments are still allowed. I take credit btw for shutting down comments at Greg Mankiw's site. Just after I started reading his blog and commenting, and, frankly, trolling him, he turned off comments saying he's had enough of a 'few posters'. Coincidence? I think not. I've been kicked off or banned of all sites save this one, including but not limited to, the EconLib site, MarketWatch, Scott Sumner's blog (apparently through no input from Sumner, but my comments mostly disappear so I gave up), and now this site is closed. Coincidence? Maybe, but I've been trolling since the early 1990s, before the internet became popular, and know how to hit hard: not through lame insults like most trolls, but blending fact and opinion to get under the skin of the reader. Kind of like you do Prior. Goodbye friend or fiend, as the case may be!

"but blending fact and opinion'....that's is freaking awesome. I'm actually in awe of the brazenness of calling lies opinions. So as you make a farewell admittance that you are a lonely hooker-banging expat troll, let me just say I salute you, and many of us never bought the bullshit. Fare well back atcha.

Just in case comments never come back , wanted to congratulate for being one of the most level-headed commenters here , helping keeping the balance between the right-wing trolls and the left-wing ideologues.

Soooo do we e-mail Tyler and tell him we want the comments back? Or is it futile?

OK it’s their property and they can do it as they like.

But it is just a fact that without comments it’s kind of boring. Mankiw turned off comments a long time ago and his blog just withered to basically nothing. I’m not sure which direction the causation runs but there is a correlation. No comments no interest.

Yeah, that's it, boring. I'm just not that interested in what Tyler or Alex have to say in a vacuum, I'm interested in what they say and how people react to it.
Not interested in a soapbox that doesn't allow feedback.


All of you are totally correct, but obviously the blog hosts know this too. This is their intention. I think some of us regulars are a but ticked off that they just weren't that into us LOL

Ugh, how fitting. "bit ticked off"

I won't miss the lack of comment self-editing here...

Think of comments as GoFindMe or Kickstarter payments. In the beginning, the word of mouth is valuable, but after the brand has been established, it is more valuable to have people comment on twitter, where only high status comments are seen.

Well this might be my last visit for a time. For me, the comments are about 50% of the value of this site.

reaeding what Tyler or Alex write: thesis
reading comments: antithesis
final result: synethesis

I'm not interested in someone's unfiltered theses....

I rarely read the comments at MR -- just noticed they were turned off. Scanning this last comment thread reminds me why I don't.

I generally come here for the books TC has been reading.

@msgkings - opinions are not lies, doofus. You can fact check anything I say using Google and you'd find I'm largely right. And trolling is not lies, it's taking the other side which is what they teach in law school.

Bonus trivia: I'm not a law school dropout, I lied, I'm actually a retired high-powered lawyer who made millions, enough to retire in his 40s, which I did. Technically--though it's never been prosecuted--you can actually get in trouble with your state bar association for denigrating lawyers, hence I use a nym. I'm thinking of actually turning in my law badge since I don't practice, to save the annual fees. I might keep my DC bar membership since they don't have expensive MCLE requirements. And farewell Rayward if you're reading this. Bye Viking, you're a good commentator unlike the Doofus above.

I'm sorry to see comments go away, but the comment threads here have deteriorated a lot over the last year or two. Basically, without someone policing the comment threads pretty regularly, they'll fall into disorder and nonsense, as with the idiot impersonating other posters with profanity. Like so many shitty people, this guy had a serious hand in wrecking something nice for many people, to amuse himself.

It would be really nice to find a general way to keep high-quality comment threads going, because the best commenters often add a lot of insight to the discussion, and also tend to keep the bloggers honest--they know they'll be challenged on saying things with no thought. I think part of the way this goes wrong is that one or two obsessive crazies can shut down a comment thread unless they're aggressively shut down. But also, if the volume gets too big, the comment threads become unmanageable, and there are often topics that create the same information-free shout-fest every time they're brought up.

Nice analysis, but you do realize that TC makes about $30k a year from this blog (my estimate, from another blog) based on eyeballs, and less comments means eyeballs means less money. My take is that GMU's lawyers got overzealous in interpreting the latest EU data privacy act, which arguably says you have a duty now to 'police' comments, which GMU feels they don't want to do even though they're not in the EU (but maybe Mercatus has international reach?), hence the ban on comments. Speculative perhaps.

Bonus trivia: today's (7/30/18 EST) link on nematodes falling to earth safely from outer space in the destroyed space shuttle is very old news, I'm surprised a news hound like TC did not know this; his status has fallen, from the stars, closer to earth.

Hey, you’re welcome! Now let me shit in your mouth.

You are not Barkley. I don't like most of his posts, but I am sure he would not post this garbage.

I hope you get everything you have coming to you.


I think you are confused by threading.

What motivates someone like you to be the way you are?
Are you deranged? Are you ashamed of your lack of success in real life? Do you have a personal vendetta against Tyler/Alex?

It's funny how legitimately pathetic some people become when nobody can see the things they are doing. Actually, it's not funny... it's a sad reminder that some people are unfit to live in a world where responsibility is given to the individual.

At night I jerk and Jerk but my dick don’t work it don’t even hurt!

JWatts, I'll miss you most of all!

I wonder how this will change the demographics in the following years.

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