The CWT repackaging of my Conversation with Zuckerberg and Collison

It is the same material as already released by Facebook, here is our audio and transcript, you will find our transcript easier to read.  Self-recommending!


I see Zuckerberg's willingness to talk to Cowen as a huge thanks for a lot of positive mentions, and of course for not blogging about the most recent news on Libra.

Zuckerberg seemed strangely familiar with Cowen and this blog. I wonder if he’s a regular MR visitor. Maybe he’s the duck guy?

He is the true Thiago Ribeiro obvious!

In that case he’d be testing Thiago as a Machine Learning propaganda bot on MR before selling him to the Russians to use on Facebook. I must say, for a bot, Thiago is pretty impressive and generally adheres to grammar conventions.

A novel approach to increasing productivity (elsewhere) may be found here.

Only tangentially related, but since you touch on AI and VR, here's the most bizarre tech story I've seen in a while:

This is exactly the plot of the Matrix.

While I enjoy the CWTs, I have no interest in hearing from Mr. Zuckerberg.

I love CWT but this interview wasn't interesting. I zoned out within the first 5 minutes which never happens with the CWT.

Just when I thought I was shouting into the void here on how annoying the PDF transcript was to read, Tyler delivers. Thanks!

I'm relieved to learn CWT is not Country Western Television.

Enjoyed this very much and commend it to all

Thank you Tyler! Great interview.
I think it was unlikely that MIT was not in the list of top 10 universities in the 1920s, but is now. MIT's ascent mostly postdates Vannevar Bush and WWII funding. So that's another addition to the CA add-on.

Does anyone have the citation for the paper Tyler mentions about 5:45? "So there's a recent paper by Ester Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee and they find if you give foreign aid combined with coaching, the rate of return to that intervention is maybe 100 to 400%." I didn't see it in a quick search, thought maybe one of you would have it handy.

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