My chat with Brendan Fitzgerald Wallace

He interviewed me, here is his description: “My conversation with economist, author & podcaster Tyler Cowen covering everything from: 1) Buying Land on Mars (for real) 2) Privatizing National Parks 3) Setting up aerial highways in the sky for drone delivery 4) Buying Greenland 5) London post Brexit 6) Universal Basic Income 7) Why Los Angeles is “probably the best city in North America” 8) How real estate can combat social isolation & loneliness 9) Cyber attacks on real estate assets and national security implications. 10) The impacts, positive and negative of Climate Change, on real estate in different geographies. 11) Other esoteric stuff…..”.

Here is the conversation, held in Marina del Rey at a Fifth Wall event.


Emma Watson's boyfriend? I'll have what he's having.

Here's something impressive: a Silicon Valley billionaire investor who has committed $100 million to create a tech-led economy in Portland. No, not Portland, Oregon, Portland, Maine.

Tyler said that he once thought driverless cars were 5 to 10 years away but now thinks from 2050 as people "didn't think about the last mile problem." (Of course they did.)

Tyler emphasized that cars were extremely dangerous in the early 20th century and that "today we are not willing to put up with that level of carnage for self-driving vehicles, so they will have to be almost perfect before we give them free reign and that's just anytime very soon -- so 30 years."

Driverless cars are already much safer than cars/drivers in the early 20th century.

1920.... 240 deaths per billion miles
1925.... 150 deaths
1950.... 70 deaths
1985.... 30 deaths
2015.... 15 deaths

Driverless cars are already with the range of the current safety level so not close to 30 years away.

I assume you are picking up comments from the interview. Driverless cars could be the dominant form of transportation within a few years, if we were to build a separate right of way for them. Of course, that would make them, well, transit, which is blasphemy among some folks; indeed, why not just build, you know, transit.

Oh come on Tyler, we need a transcript and we need it here, not on facebook. Please oh please.

Yea I much prefer to read transcripts too, but gave it a listen anyway. Was a great chat interesting comments from both Tyler and the guy interviewing him.

Was fun to hear over/underrated questions being posed to Tyler.

or at least a link to a mp3 file.

It's here
Which at least allows speeding it up.
Can't find a podcast so I can play it with antennapod and do other things with my tablet.

"7) Why Los Angeles is “probably the best city in North America” "

Because Kobe Bryant RIP

Self driving cars...
My standard line, in any small old eastern town, unless/until it's Lt. Comander Data or Sonny (Will Smith's buddy) from iRobot driving the car, it ain't going to happen.

PS on self driving cars.
In my small town southwest of Pittsburgh, almost nobody obeys traffic laws. Posted 45MPH means 60MPH.
Posted 25MPH on a two lane residential street means 40mph down the middle of the road. A defensive driver is a paralyzed driver. Anyone actually obeying traffic laws ends up leading a parade of pissed off people.

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