The iPad

Could this be the medium through which the fabled convergence finally occurs?

Most of all, think of it as a substitute for your TV.

It has the all-important quality of allowing you to bend your head and body as you wish (more or less), as you use it.  By bringing it closer or further, you control the "real size" of the iPad, so don't fixate on whether it appears "too big" or "too small."

The pages turn faster than those of Kindle.  The other functions are also extremely quick and the battery feels eternal.

So far my main complaint is how it uses "auto-correct" to turn "gmu" into "gum."

While I will bring it on some trips, most of all it feels too valuable to take very far from the house.

On YouTube I watched Chet Atkins, Sonny Rollins, and Angela Hewitt.

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if it's like the iphone after a few times of telling to ignore the correction it will stop doing it.

my first language is spanish, so i text lot in spanish even though i have my iphone set for english. the auto correct learns and eventually starts correcting my spanish words that i use a lot even though it's set for english. this is another neat feature

Ah , the iRevolution!

iPhone OS devices take the contents of the address book into consideration when spell checking, so if you add a Contacts entry with the name "GMU", it should stop autocorrecting it.

(This is why my iPhone's address book contains a curiously profane entry under "F"...)

Tyler, adding "GMU" to your contacts will add "GMU" to your auto-correct. This is how people add 4-letter words to the aut-correct

Sounds like somebody is enjoying his consumer surplus

best joke i've heard: say someone goes to the apple store in boston and asks for an iPad. how will the salesperson know what they want?

It's the screen from the floating chairs in wallE
(pixar, jobs, Disney...)
for better and worse

american made computers should not have USB ports. it's unpatriotic. american-made computers should have USA ports.

Of course the pages turn faster than a Kindle. It's an LCD screen. Like many computer monitors. I daresay, a PDF on your PC moves quicker than an e-ink screen as well, not to mention faster than a traditional printed book. But, it doesn't make it a more pleasant overall reading experience.

I'm just curious if people who've used e-readers like Kindle or Nook find reading books on the iPad just as pleasurable. Or for that matter they can see themselves abandoning their print library for it. File this comment under "iPad skeptic".

It's interesting to note that a grand total of zero of the cynics in these comments have actually held the iPad.

I understand, I also like being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian, but don't judge until you actually try one of these things. Jobs didn't put in a USB port and camera because they're things people say they will use, but really wouldn't for this kind of device. While video-conferencing may be really cool and all that, I doubt people would pay the extra $100 for it (and deal with the added weight of a camera). USB port? What are you going to plug into it exactly? A mouse to use instead of the touchscreen? A camera you could plug into the laptop that you have to sync with the iPad anyway?

All that does not understand the purpose of the iPad. It's not meant to be a laptop. It's meant to basically do all the non-phone functions of the iPhone, but much, much better, as well as some things (TV shows, books) that aren't easily done on the iPhone. A dedicated processor renders web pages and games extremely fast. The WSJ and NYT apps are like actually reading their newspapers. The Marvel app looks like actually reading their comics, maybe better.

I could go on, but I think this will be a big hit for Apple from everything I've read, especially after the second generation. Once people get over that it's not a freaking laptop and it never tried to be a laptop, people will love what it actually does do. Also, outside of an iPod, I don't own a single Apple product. I just follow tech news closely and these are my conclusions based on everything I've read.

"Note all the categories on this short post!"

See? Your attention span is already that of a teenager. A little more time with the iPad and it'll be the span of a 2-year-old.

Truthfully, that was my first reaction to the iPad: with no keyboard other than that visual touch thing, and the other limitations, this thing screams "Passive entertainment for the terminally hip".

I own a kindle but almost exclusively you the Kindle app on the iPhone to read my books - I read fast and the pages turn faster. The iPhone is also backlit so I don't have to worry about where I would like to read. Interestingly, I only take my iPhone on most trips (domestic and international). I can listen to music and read books on long flights (without turning on the overhead light). Not sure I need an iPad but I intend to check it out at an Apple store soon.

Tori DC, you can buy a capacitive stylus, although I suppose any metal object would work just fine. The only problem would be multitouch support, but then again multitouch gestures require less precision so presumably you could just use your digits.

Even after your purchase Apple maintains a frightening level of control over your iPad. No software can be installed without their approval. They can even remotely delete content from it. The content you buy is locked into the iPad platform. This approach is not compatible with my idea of freedom.

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