The new bipartisan immigration bill

Here is the proposal.  It is better than nothing, if only to show that something can be done.  The “no path to citizenship until the border is secure” is simply kicking the can down the road, as that standard never will be met.  In the meantime, lots of money will be spent and in due time drones will dominate the border; cult midnight showings of Blue Thunder will increase.  U.S. universities will go crazy inflating the size of their graduate STEM programs, and it will become harder to flunk these people out.  Economists will lobby for inclusion but fail.  (Isn’t it better to simply increase the number of jobs-related visas?)  The passage about the special importance of farm labor sounds like Orwellian satire.  Dairy is mentioned too.  Will this pave the way for a national ID card?  More hi-tech workers will get in.  Productivity will rise, and some individuals will have much better lives, but the country will feel less free.  Republicans are trying to appeal to moderates here, not actual Latinos.  We observe the ever-lingering influence of GWB.


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