Emergent Ventures, sixth cohort

Sonja Trauss of YIMBY, assistance to publish Nicholas Barbon, A Defence of the Builder.

Parnian Barekatain.

Anna Gát, for development as a public intellectual and also toward the idea and practice of spotting and mobilizing talent in others.

M.B. Malabu, travel grant to come to the D.C. area for helping in setting up a market-oriented think tank in Nigeria.

Eric James Wang and Jordan Fernando Alexandera joint award for their work on the project Academia Mirmidón, to help find, mobilize, and market programming and tech talent in Mexico.

Gonzalo Schwarz, Archbridge Institute, for research and outreach work to improve policy through reforms in Uruguay and Brazil. 

Nolan Gray, urban planner from NYC, to be in residence at Mercatus and write a book on YIMBY, Against Zoning.

Samarth Jajoo, an Indian boy in high school, to assist his purchase of study materials for math, computer science, and tutoring.  Here is his new book gifting project.

One other, not yet ready to be announced.  But a good one.

And EV winner Harshita Arora co-founded AtoB, a startup building a sustainable transportation network for intercity commuters using buses.

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I wonder if Mr. Gray has travelled in Central America. When I do, I come home with a bit more appreciation for zoning.

Maybe zoning is one of those things we do where a moderate amount is optimal.

Think different. That was Apple's marketing slogan several decades ago, and seems to be Cowen's philosophy today (as reflected in many of the Emergent Ventures grants as well as his reading list recommendations). This occurred to me while reading Robert Shiller's article in the NYT titled "Gut Feelings are Driving the Markets", which is about much more than the stock market and the psychology of investors but a way of thinking about life. Gut feelings have replaced the scientific method in decision-making. "Explicit belief in irrationality" is the way Shiller describes it. As Shiller points out, Trump relies almost exclusively on his "gut" in making decisions. Here's the link to Shiller's article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/02/business/gut-feelings-are-driving-the-markets.html

Yep, a betting person would bet that there is some interesting news coming concerning an innovation mass transit idea.

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